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Welcome to the world of EZ Affiliates for Joomla 1.7x/2.5x

EZ Affiliates is one of our new components developed in 2012, and it provides you with an easy-to-use affiliates product portal - allowing you to add an extra income stream to your sites! If you wanted an easy way to market affiliate products - EZ Affiliates has been purpose-built to do this.

We've built EZ Affiliates to be lean and fast - and automated - so that once you've got it installed, configured and finished building your site - it'll run on auto-pilot. While it is a purpose-built system - you'll also find it has the flexibility for more than just taking care of the affiliate products you're promoting. It just depends on what your needs are - and how good your imagination is!

One thing's for sure - if you've got an existing EZ* site - you'll be interested in what EZ Affiliates has to offer in terms of expanding your site's income potential!

EZ Affiliates Features

Quick Install

It takes a minute to install EZ Affiliates and its modules onto your site - and another couple to configure it and its modules. Yes, it's that quick - and installation is just point a matter of point and click with your mouse.

Dual Listings Support - Products and Product Inserts

As promoting affiliate products incorporates both the product catalog and product inserts such as banners, videos and pre-built store fronts - EZ Affiliates supports the management and display of both types of data. Product inserts can then be displayed on the frontend of your site via the EZ Affiliates module - enabling the display of externally hosted product videos and banners quickly and easily.

XML Data Import Support

EZ Affiliates has XML data import support built into it - to make getting your product data quick and easy. It's coded to enable use of a cron-job too - if you want to automate the process on a weekly basis etc. Simply enter the URL to the XML file into the EZ Affiliates configuration settings and setup the cron-job on your web hosting. It'll run on auto-pilot while you get on with other things - such as promoting your site.

Mobile-Friendly Layouts

We've designed the frontend of EZ Affiliates with mobile devices in mind, as your customer demographic will just as likely be browsing for new bikes and accessories using mobile technology such as an iPad.  Testing has been done using an Android handheld phone and an iPad, as well as normal browsers and a range of Joomla template widths.

Integrated search

EZ Affiliates has search filters built into its listings pages, which allows your site visitors to quickly and easily refine their search preferences based on results. They can then reorder listings based on the variety of column headings on the page. This makes EZ Affiliates a very easy to use system for your site visitors to browse the affiliate products you're marketing.


EZ Affiliates has the great Joomla SEF URL system for people-friendly links, and meta tag support for added search engine optimization - so you don't need to use any external SEF systems for clean URL's. In fact - the meta-tags are generated automatically during the data import - so you don't need to spend endless hours creating this valuable information for your site.

Dual Configuration System

EZ Affiliates has global configuration settings at the component level - and local configuration settings at the menu link level. This will allow you to configure page displays individually - based on the needs of the data displayed. For example - configure certain listings page layouts to display certain search filters - and hide those search filters on other listings pages.

Configurable currency support

Configure the currency used on your site via the EZ Affiliates configuration settings, and this will apply a global currency. While the supported affiliate programmes sell in GBP, EZ Affiliates will support use of other currencies if you're using the system for something other than promoting affiliate products.

Core Joomla Modal Popups

EZ Affiliates incorporates the core Joomla modal popup image displays, which should eliminate any problems relating to clashes with other extensions installed on your site.


EZ Affiliates is currently only coded to support language files, as the affiliate products are only provided in english. However, EZ Affiliates has been designed to support more than just affiliate product listings - we'll be incorporating the core Joomla translation system for database content shortly - and in the meantime - we've got a set of Falang content element files available if you need to translate your database content.

2 modules with a multitude of display configurations

EZ Affiliates also comes with 2 modules - allowing you to display products, advertising inserts such as videos, banners or pre-built store-fronts, and also lists such as product sections, product categories or product brands!

System Requirements

EZ Affiliates is not a stand-alone script. It's a component developed for use with the Joomla! content management systems. As a "database-driven" PHP script, EZ Affiliates requires:-

  • Joomla! 1.7x or Joomla! 2.5x content management system
  • MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 5.1.53
  • PHP scripting support - tested on servers running 5.3x

Who is EZ Affiliates right for?

EZ Affiliates has been designed for the site owner who wants to earn some additional income by promoting the sale of affiliate products. It's simple really - join the supported affiliate program, sign up for one of the many supported affiliate programmes, and configure EZ Affiliates to do the rest. It'll import the product data, display it on the frontend, and then it's just a matter of referring your site visitors across to the provider site which handles the sales. All you need to do is promote your site and collect the affiliate revenue.

EZ Autos users

If you're running an EZ Autos site for vehicle listings or some other automotive type of listings - EZ Affiliates will be a great addon for an additional income stream. as one of the affiliate programmes you can promote is for quad bikes, electric bikes, spare parts and accessories.

EZ Clubs users

If you're using EZ Clubs for a wedding portal site - pair it with EZ Affiliates and you'll be able to generate affiliate income by promoting products for a range of suppliers - eg. gifts, beauty products, adult toys and more.

EZ AFfiliates as the central showpiece for your site

Why not build your site theme around EZ Affiliates! For example - run EZ Affiliates as an adult toys product portal, pair it with a forum, and blog on topics of relevance - eg. lingerie, body jewellery, women's health and more. For the men - run a men's underwear site and promote sales of these products in combination with a forum and blog on topics of interest to men.

...and for those with imagination

If you've got the imagination to see beyond mere field labels and page layouts - you may find EZ Affiliates is suitable for more than just the conventional imported affiliate product listings. It's coded to allow you to create your own listings rather than import affiliate products - so you can use it for other purposes. Consider product catalogs which simply require information such as category, manufacturer, title, description, price and a single image. If you don't require the power of EZ Realty or EZ Autos - the EZ Affiliates system may better suit your needs. The potential is there and sometimes it just takes a little time editing the language file to change the wording of something. When the imagination really takes hold though - remember EZ Affiliates is full source code - so there won't be any barriers between your imaginative genius and the code! It's fully accessible if you need to customize it.

Fun Bikes, click here


While the products listed on this site are for demonstration purposes only - they are real listings generated via the product import system for this particular affiliate programme.

Visit for information on pricing and purchase.

We use Joomla design templates from the JoomlArt template club on our demonstration site. Visit JoomlArt if you're in need of a template for your Joomla site.

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